Sunday, April 26, 2015

Steampunk Granny chats about Godzilla, Cemeteries, Rabbits and Gardens Gnomes


Since my last post about Godzilla's battle against the worse case scenario of a yeast infection, my husband and I now had him on grain free foods for almost a week and, we've been washing him every couple of days and rinsing with a baking soda rinse. They did say that the condition will appear worse the first week and then, hopefully, begin to disappear, but we're talking a few months here. His immune system is compromised from chemo and steroids.

                                               neck area              

Here are a few pictures to show you that the skin under Godzilla's neck is almost free of hair and his skin feels like elephant skin. The skin under the fur on his lower back, is raw. I sure hope this treatment of foods and meds works because I hate to see the little guy suffer like this.

                                                  rear area                  

Today, my friend Rita and I were at the Laurel Hill Cemetery for their Bones, Bells & Whistles Event which ties in with Philadelphia's Science Festival Event. You can learn more about this event here:


I love the Laurel Hill Cemetery and its a place rich in history. They have a neat gift shop, too. If you look closely you'll see my book on the shelf. While we were packing the activities to be used at today's event and gentleman came in to buy my book. Lucky him, I was there to sign it for him.

My magnolia tree is in bloom and so is my cherry blossom tree.

There are rabbits living under our shed in the back yard and you can see that Snowflake and LeLe are trying to introduce themselves.

I just took out all my garden stuff, fairies, dragons, frogs and lots of gnomes. I try to set up a mystical theme in my secret garden. I'll take a picture when I'm done setting up Gnome Town.



  1. Poor little Godzilla. I'm still praying. Look!! Your book is on the shelf at the cemetery gift shop. I'm soo proud of you, Marie. But still...cemeteries scare me, especially with you around. You seem to get the dead to speak or communicate to you. Love your garden attire. Isn't spring great? My lilacs are blooming. I fill my home with their fragrance.

    1. Thank you Victoria. I hope this regime of new food and supplements do help our little guy. I'm not afraid of ghosts, they've never hurt me. It's the living that you have to watch out for. Love you, Victoria.