Friday, June 1, 2012

Part Eighteen of Lilith's Escape


“I don’t know when the apocalypse is to begin and I would like to keep it that way,” James replied after downing his drink. When Edward didn’t respond, James added, “No matter what comes along, I’m already a sitting duck.”
“Give yourself a little credit, James. You’re still dangerous enough to kill a few men even though you’re stuck in that chair,” Edward replied.

“You know me well and yes, I would go down fighting.”
The two of them sat there sipping their drinks, each lost in their own thoughts until Edward said, “Lawrence Levi is missing and it isn’t just me looking for him,” Edward then told his ex-partner the events of the past two days.
“Well the fact that these men tried to kill you might mean that Levi is still alive and you’re getting close to finding him,” James suggested.

“There was a lot of blood on his rug, so he might be badly injured. I need to find him before he dies and I need to contact our little lady,” Edward replied.

Edward stood up to leave and James followed him to the door. “Don’t make it so long between visits, I miss our talks,” James said as Edward pulled open the apartment door.

“I’ll try to visit more often after this case.”

James had moved his wheelchair back so that Edward could close the door, but before it was completely closed, Edward asked “When you needed to contact her, how did you do this?”
“I had to place a red sheet of paper in the window. Very strange and very mysterious this little lady is, but if I wasn’t stuck in this chair…she’s beautiful enough to make you ache.” James needn’t expand on his meaning because Edward had already felt the effects that she had on a man’s libido.
Edward took a taxi back to his apartment and after he took care of his cat, he searched for some paper. He found a small gift bag shoved in the back of his coat closet.
The red gift bag held an unopened birthday gift from a co-worker at MI6. Taking out the leather gloves, he folded the bag and placed it in the window.
His head was pounding and his shoulder hurt like the dickens so he headed to bed with the hopes of a good night’s rest.  He was mistaken.

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