Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philadelphia Writer's Conference

I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference. This was my second year of attending and this time, I was accompanied by my granddaughter Katrina and her friend Jessica. Katrina is only 15, but I swear she is an old soul. She loves to write and I was so pleased that she could attend the conference, in spite of her young age. Jessica traveled all the way from Alberta, Canada for this event.

I had signed up for several classes and was able to get plenty of expert advice and suggestions from my talented and knowledgeable instructors: Caridad Pineiro, Merry Jones, Marilyn Horowitz, Kathryn Craft and Jonathan Maberry. I’m now ready to tweak my work and send it out to an editor. Here are just two of my instructors.
             Marilyn Horowitz, Author, Writing Coach & Script Consultant

                   Jonathan Maberry, Author- NewYork Bestseller-Multiple Bram Stoker Award winner-Speaker-Writing Teacher.                                                                                
I’ve also made a lot of new friends, but unfortunately, I did not get everyone’s picture.
                                      Jonathan Maberry and Brad Hecht 
So, if you’re a writer and you want to attend a writer’s conference, you should try to attend next year’s event. The people who pull this wonderful conference together every year are amazing and they present every writer with the means to perfect their work.
                                                Katrina and Don Lafferty, PWC Board Member                  


  1. really enjoyed the story

  2. I am proud of you Aunt Marie, get tweaking and get published:)

  3. I see you met the two guys who are at the center of the web when it comes to Philadelphia area writers networking - Jonathan and especially Don. Great people, so glad you had a fun and informative weekend!

    1. I did. I did get to spend some time with Jonathan, but not enough with Don. Thank you for testing my site. I've had several comments that people were unable to comment. Hope to see you soon.