Thursday, June 7, 2012

Part Nineteen of Lilith's Escape

He had only been in bed a few hours when the scratching sound at the window awoke him. He had been tossing and turning most of the night, his aching shoulder preventing him from falling into a sound sleep.
The curtains were drawn closed and he wasn’t able to see the cause of the sound. The branches of the old London Plane, which sat in front of his apartment building, would tap against his window when there was a strong wind.
He was about to roll over and ignore the sound, but…a premonition and his internal warning system, which had kept him alive throughout his career, made him reach for his gun.
The sound of breaking glass had him on his feet and alert. He watched as a bloody hand took hold of the bedroom curtain.
“I’m armed and if you’re here to rob me, you’ve made a poor choice of a victim,” Edward called out in a calm tone, even though his heart was racing.

For a mere second, time seemed to halt as the owner of the hand moved into view.
“Stay where you are,” Edward ordered. He was unable to assess in his mind what now stood before him.

The only reply was a deep growl and then the monstrosity attacked.

Edward had a chance to get off a shot before he was knocked over. He knew the bullet hit the man in the shoulder, but it had not stopped the attacker. Edward struggled with the intruder and as he did, he could smell the decay. It was strong enough to make Edward gag.
Edward was finally able to push the man away and reach for his gun. The shot was well aimed and fatal. The man stopped moving, his brain splattered all over the bedroom rug.
The sound of knocking on his apartment door, told Edward that the other tenants had heard the shots.
He made his way to the door and after calming the neighbors down a bit with some bullshit story of his gun discharging while he was cleaning it, Edward returned to the bedroom.

“Did you send him?” Edward asked aloud. He wondered if Lilith was responsible for this creature. His hands shook as he took a closer look at the body. The man’s body hinted that decomposition had been taking place long before Edward’s bullet put an end to this intruder’s existence.

“Did he bite you?”

Edward spun around and pointed his gun at the woman standing near the window.


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