Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Sisters and Bodega Bay

Today my nephew Chris and his wife Solannge took "the sisters" to Bodega Bay.

This is a beautiful site and we were excited to finally see it, but it was cold.

My nephew and niece were not bothered by the wind,
But the sisters were and later we had towels wrapped around us.
I had learned from my niece that Alfred Hitchcock had filmed some of the movie “The Birds” at Bodega Bay.
I love to play practical jokes on my sister Jane and when she was busy; I got a bag of cookies and stood behind her.
I began to throw cookies into the air and of course the sea gulls came at once. They gathered around my unsuspecting sister who thought that she was about to be attacked. She wasn’t, but the look on her face was priceless.
We had dinner at the Tides Restaurant and enjoyed the great food and view of the bay from our table.
I don’t know what plans await us tomorrow, but the “Sisters” are having one hell of a good time.


  1. Marie it's nice to know that you are having a good time !!!! Very nice pictures - say hello to your mom and sisters for me.... Love you much!

    1. I will Loretta. We are having fun and now my brother and his wife are here.

  2. We missed you last night at the meeting. Yes, I finally made it to a meeting.

    I am so happy to see you enjoying time with your sisters. There's nothing like having family around. Makes me miss mine.

    1. Missed you too. My brother came in last night and this is the first time all four of us are with my mom.