Sunday, August 19, 2012

Apples to Google+ and Farewell to Good Friends

                                  This weekend was somewhat bittersweet for me.
One of my close friends and a former co-worker from when I worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences is leaving the Philly area. She’s moving to Washington D.C. where she’ll be teaching Science at an elementary school. It will be a big loss for the Academy, but what a wonderful gain for the students she’ll be teaching. Michele ran the Outreach Program, bringing science and animals to the schools of the tri-state area for many years. Here's Michele with me.
Here is Michele with Naomi and Anita. All four of us had worked at the Academy and Anita still volunteers there.
                                                      Michele, Naomi and Anita
We had a going away party for Michele, but first they wanted to see our pond and our very large goldfish.

                                       Here is my husband proudly showing off the pond
                     I have two apple trees and this is the first apple produced.

Anita did the honor of slicing the apple for us. The apple was very sweet and I hope to see many more on that tree. When we ordered the two apple trees from the catalogue, we were told that apples would be popping out the first year…six years later, we've only had the one.

I get a lot of butterflies, native honey bees and hummingbirds in my garden. Here is a butterfly. Anyone want to take a guess on what it is? Come on, take a guess.
                                          I also get lots of finches at my bird feeder.
After dinner we had cake and gifts for Michele. I’m wishing you well in your new career.
                    Sunday, I decided to go to the Collingswood Arts and Craft fair
 with my daughter and the youngest of her desperadoes, Nathan. He was not in a good mood, can you tell?

                     But we did get to shop at Pat Cunningham’s Busy Beads

                                             and get ice cream from the Pop shop

And we did get to hear some great music from the band known as Foster Child.
But I had missed the Kelli Campbell Trio which had played on Saturday. Check them out, they are awesome.
Now we’ll jump to my adventures with publishing and Google. In today’s publishing world, the writer has to have a following, a persona if you like, on the internet. This means a blog, a twitter account, facebook, etc. etc. before publishing companies will even take a chance on you.
So, I have a blog which I try to update once a week and I have my Lilith Episodes which I post every Friday, but I also keep a daily presence on facebook
                                                              and twitter
                                   I've met some interesting and amazing people,
I love it, but if you want publishers to see how serious you are about writing, you should also think about Google+

Now remember, I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time! I have a chance to get a story published and I was advised to build up my Google+ presence. There’s a Google+? Who knew? I’m still trying to figure out regular Google and recently someone mentioned Google Chrome. Help…I’m still looking for my lost webkin, Zeppie, on the Web. Has anyone seen him?
Anyway, if you do go on Google+ and you’re feeling kindly towards me, please follow me. I will appreciate this very much and will treat you to some delicious apples the next time they grow on my little apple tree.


  1. So glad to hear you got to go to the Pop Shop. It's one of my favorite local restaurants. The Pop Fries rock, and believe it or not, The Bride used to babysit the owner. Small world. :-)

    1. I love the place although it can me loud sometimes. I've never had their fries. I need to try them out. Hope to see you soon:)