Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wildwood, here I come!!!


Our daughter and her family rented a room for the week in Wildwood at the Royal Hawaiian
 and invited me and my husband to come down and spend the day. Her hotel has a pool and here we are relaxing
 But it’s also right off the beach for those of us who like to swim in the ocean.
I love the ocean and no matter how lousy I’m feeling, when I’m at the beach, I feel brand new. I might have been a whale in one of my past lives.


The boys were getting in a day of riding the waves and as you can see by this picture, they love zombies as much as I do. Speaking of zombies,
One of my zombie stories will be in the South Jersey Writer’s short story anthology called “Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey” a great book featuring everything from amusing slices of life to ghostly tales. Coming out in November!!! Okay enough with the commercial, back to the blog


We went out for lunch at a place called the Holy Mackerel Beach Café on Louisville & the Beach, in the Madrid Resort at Wildwood Crest. They have an amazing menu and the food is awesomely good.
                                              Happy and very hungry
Joe Lazar is the owner and chef and the food was of such quality that I wanted to spread the word. My daughter and the boys ordered the mussels and shrimp combo.
The shrimps were jumbo sized and succulent, my grandsons wolfed down the plate.

 My husband had the mussels and linguini and loved the large serving size and the special attention paid to the preparation of the tasty dish.
 I had the Fried Shrimp PoBoy and it was to die for, yummy good, with jumbo shrimp, broccoli rabe and cheese.
Joe Lazar is open from 8 a.m. and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call his number to find out his hours after the Labor Day Weekend, 609-522-1820. And if you stop in, say hello to Sophia Boyle, his waitress and all around nice person. She made the meal even more special with her attention to details.
                                This is the look of a well fed family at Holy Macerel                     

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