Friday, August 3, 2012

Part Twenty-seven of Lilith's Escape


“Is she here to kill me?” the man from the bar asked. He no longer seemed the drunk who had stumbled from the bar.
“I hope so,” Edward replied as he planned his move to disarm the man.

“Well, she had tried once, during the war, but I had outsmarted her and I will again.
Start walking.” The man motioned for Edward to head towards the car parked near the alley way.
Edward turned as if to comply with the order, but then swung back and hit the man in the throat with his fingers as he grabbed for the gun. The man gagged from the blow, but held on to the gun with a vise like grip. Edward then struck at the center of the man’s chest with enough force to break a rib. The man finally dropped the gun and fell to the ground.
“Bring him to the car,” Lilith ordered, startling Edward who had knelt to retrieve the gun.

“Where did you come from?” Her appearing out of thin air was very disorienting.
“Hurry,” she replied and walked towards the car.

Edward struggled to lift the unconscious man over his shoulder and then carried him over to the car where Lilith waited inside. “Now what?” he asked her.

“Sit him in the passenger seat,” she replied and once the man was seated beside her, she took his face in both her hands and forced opened his mouth. She took in a deep breath and Edward watched as Lilith inhaled a milky mist from the man’s parted lips.
The man awoke and began to resist, fighting for his life, but Lilith was stronger than him and after some time had passed, all struggling ceased.

“What are you doing?” Edward asked, but deep down inside he knew. She was sucking the life force from the man and as she did, the unconscious man began to dry up like a piece of fruit that had been left on a table for too long a time.
“We need to hide the body,” she instructed and then started the motor, but when Edward made no attempt to move, she hissed, “Get the bike and follow me.”

“What’s to stop me from getting on the bike and riding away from you and this case,” Edward replied. His gaze resting on the dried up body next to her.

“Nothing," she replied, turning her face away from him, "but...
I hope that you’ll do what is needed to save your race from what's coming.”
Without waiting for his reply, she drove away from him, heading back towards the castle.

Edward stood there for the longest time trying to make a decision. He should get as far away from her as he could. He should do it now, before he fell more in love with her. The way to freedom was to the right…the castle to the left. He started the bike...

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