Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flags, Birthdays, Cat Walks and the Smithville Inn

This week was a scorcher, but I don’t think I need to remind anyone on just how hot it was.

This type of weather makes us all tired and cranky and forces us to stay isolated inside an air-conditioned house, instead of outside in fresh air.

One of my fellow ghost hunting buddies, who happens to live up my street, came up with a great idea. Rita suggested that we hang our winter garden flags up as a kind of Voodoo method to call the cooler breezes our way.

                              Here is Rita and her snowman flag.
                                Here I am with my smaller flag.
Other neighbors liked this and our now thinking about hanging up their snowman flags. I’ll let you know if this works, we need to try something to fight climate change beside the fact that we should also cut down our carbon footprint.
The little girl that I babysit for turned three yesterday and I was at her big birthday bash. I’ve watched this little one since she was three months old and she now has claim to my heart as if she were a grandchild. Won't show you her picture, but she is as cute as
After the birthday party, I shot over to Deptford Mall where my grandson Nathan and his cousin Nicole were preparing for a talent show
                                       They would get to perform and do a cat walk
 They were contestants for the Audition America Talent Search. Nathan would be singing an Usher song and Nicole would do a dance routine. Here is my daughter signing Nathan up.
                              Nathan looking cool and calm
                                               Nathan and Nicole
                                                Nathan singing an Usher song
Nicole doing her dance routine
                                                       ReRe and Nathan                         
Sunday, I was up early and heading to a baby shower scheduled at the Historic Smithville Inn.
 This inn was once a stop for the stage line from Cooper’s Landing (now Camden) to Leeds Point. A large red ball hung outside the Inn and when the ball was down, the stage coach would stop and pick up passengers, neat huh.J
The food served at the brunch was awesome and I would like to return with the hubby one day soon. There are lots of quaint little shops around the inn, but I didn’t bring my credit card.
Well that was my weekend. Send me a note and let me know what you did:)

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