Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode Thirty-eight of Lilith's Escape


“I know you will,” Edward replied as he held her tight, breathing in her scent. “So…where do we go from here?” Edward asked after she slid out of his embrace.

“We find my friends,” Lilith replied. She pulled off her jumpsuit and threw it in the trunk next to Edward’s. After Edward slammed the trunk shut, Lilith set the controls that made the car invisible. “The air smells worse since the last time I was here. I’ll be fine, but you might need to protect yourself.”

“I’m okay for now, but tell me more about these friends of yours. Are they immortals?”
“No, they’re human and part of the underground resistance, but right now we need to search for the boat. They have it hidden near the dock.”
They finally located the boat hidden under some torn camouflage netting next to an old shed. It was a beat up small row boat and Edward was somewhat concerned that they would sink before making it across the river. “Why not use your magic to get us to the other side?”
“Did you ever play chess?” She answered his question with one of her own.


“Well…the Creator has decided to up the game with the Fallen One.”
“What are you getting at?” Edward wasn’t so sure he wanted to hear the explanation and besides he noticed that Lilith’s color was turning pale. She would need to feed and soon.
“I go into this battle for mankind with a diminished power. The dice have been rolled and the new rules for this game, set.”

Edward was angry. “How are we to beat these men if your powers are gone?”

“By playing heaven and hell against each other. Now hurry, I need to feed and soon.”

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