Thursday, October 18, 2012

Witchie Women


So on October 13th, my friends and I went to the Witches Ball in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.


                                        Here is Rita and I while we wait for our friend, Jean.

It was more crowded than normal and I think the word is spreading on how much fun you can have at the Mt. Holly events.
                                           Don’t forget this is where the Ghost Hunter Store is.
The town also had entertainment throughout the night, but unfortunately, too crowded to get up close.
Wednesday was a very strange day for me, mostly because I took the wrong medication. I had left my Excedrin P.M. on the kitchen counter by mistake the night before, won’t do that ever again. So you can imagine my surprise when I had realized what I had done. I can’t really list the names that I called myself for messing up like that.
I relaxed on the sofa and watched a little T.V. while I waited for the sleepiness to pass. One of the shows that I happened to click on to was called “Return of the Living Dead”?
Did I ever see this before, couldn’t remember, probably due to the meds, so because I love just about everything zombie, I watched the show. It was really funny or maybe when you’re feeling a little looney tuney, everything seems funny. Here is a sample of the show:

Last night, I went with my Ghost Hunting, Steampunking friends to the Old Tavern in Philly to learn about becoming reenactors of the Revolution War at Fort Mifflin.
 Check out this site on Fort Mifflin and make a point to visit soon. It's all about our history. 


We met a lot of new people who were dressed in very authentic looking clothing of the American Revolution time period. While there, I commented to my friends that we may be a little too wild for this more seemingly dignified group. The discussion led to what type of persona would we like to take on. My idea of camp followers was quickly shot down as was my suggestion to go as a French Courtesan…darn.
Anyway we’ll have to brush up on our history facts, not a big deal since we are history buffs. We like the group and want to try it out. There will be a reenactment of one of the Revolutionary battles fought at Fort Mifflin in November and my friends have offered to help the group cook the dinner meal. I wonder if they’ll notice me dressed as a pirate or that fact that I’m not that great a cook.

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