Friday, October 5, 2012

Episode Thirty-six of Lilith's Escape


“So where in the future are we heading to?” Edward asked after climbing into the caddy.

“The year is 2024 and we’re going to the States,” Lilith replied and then pulled the car away from the curb and into the fast moving traffic.

            “Is this where we hope to find Lazarus?”
“I’m hoping to arrive at a point in time where we might.”

Lilith drove until they had reached a small town outside of London. Driving onto a dirt road, she stopped the car and opened the door. “We need to change,” she said as climbed from the car.

Edward followed her to the trunk and after she took out the protective suits, he began to pull his silver colored suit over his clothing. “I’m curious as to why you need to wear this suit. You’re immortal, what could happen to you?” he asked.
As she zipped up the front of the suit she replied, “Time travel to the future without the protection of the suit, messes with my skin, temporarily wrinkles it and that’s something no woman wants to see.”
After suiting up, they both climbed back into the car.

She hit the gas pedal and the car lurched forward, slamming Edward against the seat. This time around, the ride seemed smoother, either that or he had adjusted to the gravitational pull as they raced forward in time.
When the car had reached its destination in time and space, Lilith slowed down to a complete stop. As Lilith switched off the car, Edward looked at the destruction around him and then out across the river. “Was there a war?” he asked her, his mind unable to rationalize the scene before him.
“Yes, a civil war.”
The Statue that he knew so well, that spoke of America’s greatness, the beacon for a free world, had been destroyed and only the bottom part of Lady Freedom remained.

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