Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crazy Stuff, I Love to Share

Okay, if you've been following my blog, you know that the grandkids are always trying to get me to do things with them. But, sometimes, someone gets hurt.

                                                    Jimmy is into Mixed Martial Arts,

                                                   Joshua on the right doing Aikido

                                    Re and Nathan who is very into Parkour and singing.

Everytime, I go visit my daughter, if all three boys are home, then Jimmy wants to teach me how to kick, Josh wants me to learn how to throw someone and Nathan wants me to jump out of a tree.
They want me to be able to protect myself.

Not a problem, but I was born and raised in South Philly. You pretty much know how to protect yourself before you enter school.
Most of the times, when I'm practicing Aikido or boxing with the two older boys, I can hold my own, but sometimes I get knocked down and my daughter will scream out "Don't break grandmom."
I stink at Parkour, but even so, my grandsons have announced that "when"  and not "if" the zombie apocalypse happens, they want me on their team and I'm the only one in the family allowed on this team.

My daughter said, "Mom, it's because they know you'll cook and clean for them and do other granny stuff."
"No Re, they want someone like Michonne on their team. That's why I'm allowed on the team." I counter, very full of myself.

Okay, I never said that our plans for the apocalypse were logical!

The other day, after practicing with the boys, I asked if I had improved any with my techniques. Joshua, usually the patient and encouraging grandchild, pulled me aside and shared this video with me, saying "You fighting is more like this film, but we'll keep you anyway.

My daughter might be on to something.

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