Friday, February 15, 2013

Episode Fifty-five of Lilith's Escape


Edward’s weapon was knocked out of his hand and went sliding across the ground, the zombie  before him, huge. Edward guessed the creature to be over six feet tall and close to three hundred pounds. He needed a weapon, but all the soldiers were occupied, taking the brunt of the battle, their numbers weak against the multitude that swarmed over the barricade.


“Here, catch,” someone yelled out. Edward turned just as the zombie lunged forward and Bradley’s army issued knife flew through the air. Edward stretched out his hand and was knocked to the ground, the creature’s bloody teeth snapping at his face. The knife was on the ground, but Edward was using all his strength to keep the teeth from touching him.

Edward’s arms were straining to push the creature away, his strength giving way to the zombie’s unrelenting attempt to take flesh. The zombie bit down, ripped away…white linen…? The bandage, he had forgotten all about it. The zombie momentarily startled, Edward grabbed the knife and jabbed it full force into the thing’s skull.

Edward pulled himself free from the creature lying on top of him just in time to face the two coming at him. Suddenly, they burst into flames. “What the hell?” Edward asked, stunned.

“Keep them coming,” Tzaddik yelled out.

Edward turned to see several Molotov cocktails flying over his head and into the zombie crowd.

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