Friday, February 1, 2013

Episode Fifty-three of Lilith's Escape


“Wake him up, now,” Lilith’s voice and the alarm were both high pitched. Edward opened his eyes.

“How did they find us?” Doc asked as he helped the unsteady Edward sit up.

“Who found us?” Edward’s tongue felt thick and unmovable in his mouth.

“Zombies,” Rita, who had just entered the room with extra weapons, replied.

“How many are there? Edward asked as Doc and Lilith helped him off the metal table. His knees buckled under him, the full effects of the drug still lingered on in his system. “Am I dreaming?”
“No, you’re awake, but I told you those pills would be a trip. Just give it a minute and you’ll be fine,” Doc let go of Edward’s arm.

“There are thirty to forty of them pounding on the outer door to our hideout. I recognized a few of them…homeless souls who try to survive on the streets. Somehow they were infected by the ones from the prison,” Rita explained as she handed a loaded gun to Edward.
“Edward…you and Scouter will need to make your way through the city to get to the base. Are you up to this? You’ll have to leave at first light…I wanted,” Lilith was about to say more, but she was distracted by a scream. She and Rita rushed out of the room, leaving Edward time to check his face, which was bandaged.

“Will I be okay by tomorrow?” Edward asked Doc.

“With the amount of blood that you drank, I would say yes.”

Edward nodded, checked his weapon, and then went looking for the others. They would probably need an extra pair of hands to fight what was trying to break in. As he made his way towards the yelling and gunfire, he saw that Rita was leading the children to another area.
“Shoot for their heads,” she said in passing.


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