Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gilbert to NASA and Beyond


Okay, so I love the Space Program; loved it since Sputnik was sent up by the Russians. Loved that our country was able to get their act together and have the best Astronauts and rockets in the world. I love that we were the first to land on the moon.
 Why we stopped sending men to the moon, I don’t know, but the government stopped. There could have been a mall up there by now, but they stopped. I love NASA and all the bright men and women in the space program. They have made it possible for us to look beyond this little blue marble. We have a chance to visit the stars and our future.

Anyway the other day, while in the car, I was listening to NPR’s host Jacki Lyden on All things Considered speaking with Brian Shiro who wants to be an astronaut and has a webpage called Astronaut for hire. So I checked out his site. I will be cheering for Brian Shiro to reach his goal.


I’ve been following Elon Musk, CEO for Tesla Motors and Space X because if we’re ever going to make space exploration attainable for all people, this is the man to keep your eye on (Three cheers for the Dragon). The vision and know how is there and with popular support and understanding, even I might become an astronaut.

Okay, don’t go rolling those eyes! Just because I’m a mature woman, doesn’t mean that I can’t handle adventure, I’m a kid a heart and to prove it, I’m going to contact Astronauts4hire and put in my application. Yes, my little Moon Rocks, I’m going to try and get on the next rocket out of here.

Hey, I could prove valuable for any long term space travel. For example, I have nine grandchildren and I’m good at distracting them and keeping them entertained, especially on long rides. Any space shuttle with me aboard will never be dull and no space traveler will arrive to the Moon in a grumpy mood.
I’m good at calming people down, and if there are any squabbles between the astronauts because of the tedious routines of space flight, then my "granny stare of death” will put a quick end to that.
So I’m going to practice on weightlessness and G force training. The G force training I have covered. I can burn rubber when idling at a traffic light to equal 3 times the force of gravity or like the astronauts like to say, “3Gs.
              As for weightlessness, getting my grandson out of a tree; works for me.
The Space Program is mankind’s one chance at taking that giant step forward and with the technology and jobs this program returns for the initial investment, we would be foolish not to support it.
Anyway, I’m sending in my application and I’ll keep you posted and too add a smile to your day, here is a great song.   http://youtu.be/2Sar5WT76kE