Monday, July 15, 2013

A Large Party in a Small Yard

I wanted to do something special for my sisters. Lucy, the youngest, just retired from her Philadelphia City job. Jane, the sister who I’ve been trying to give away since her birth, was celebrating her birthday. So I had a party on Saturday, during a heat wave, a scorcher!
 Lucy to the left and Jane to the right picking parsley to make the 6lbs of turkey meatballs.

                                We invited my Uncle Mario (my mom’s brother) and his family,
                                                        Cousin Marie and Cousin Joe                                  

                                    My cousin Annie (my mom’s sister’s daughter) and her family
                                               My sister Lucy’s children and grandchildren


                                              My brother, Michael’s children and grandchildren                              

                                                   My daughter and her family were there.

It was freaking hot, but, we found a way to keep the little ones cool. Unfortunately, they would not let the adults join them. Luckily, we have a finished basement and a pool table, so we were able to party a bit before we all began to melt.
                            I love having family over, but I might have to get a bigger pool.


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