Monday, July 1, 2013

Sisters Part 4: Grandkids, Cousins and Washing Machines


Jane hasn’t been to Philadelphia for seven years. Her last time here was when our father died. Jane hates to fly; hates to fly!!! The day her plane took off, she hit every big storm from Chicago to Philadelphia. Instead of arriving on Monday, at 7:20 p.m. She didn’t get in until close to one on Tuesday Morning.

                                                             Lucy and Jane

                         We’ve been visiting people and people have been visiting us.
                                                    Cousins Jerry, Carol and Donny with Jane

                     Visiting my daughter's house. Jimmy, me, Jane, Nicole, Nathan and ReRe

                               Jane, ReRe, me, Nathan, Nicole in the background and Joshua
We have a running joke in our family that every time we get a visitor from California, things go wrong in Philadelphia. We call it the California Curse. My sister Jane was only here for two days and our new washer broke; died would be a better term. When the repairman came out, he said there was something wrong with the Circuit Board.
“Do you mean just like the circuit board in a car? I asked my husband.
"More like the space shuttle," he replied.
Apparently, our energy saving high efficient washer crashed just like my personal computer did three times last year. We have to wait for the new circuit board to come in. Why am I telling you this? Well, I haven’t been to a Laundromat for close to forty years; things change. I couldn’t get over the sizes of the washers. There was one washer called the Magna Dexter. This baby could wash a year’s worth of clothing in one wash for eight dollars and fifty cents. My sofa would fit inside, with room to spare.
Jane and I picked the triple load washer for our needs. The cost was three dollars and fifty cents. I didn’t have the correct change, but the Laundromat has change machines. I stuck in my ten dollar bill, expecting to get all ones back, but…

…After I returned to the washer with ten dollars-worth of quarters, Jane and I tried to figure out where to put the detergent and softener. The washer was taller than us; we’re short; jumping up and down to read the instructions can sometimes frighten people. Luckily, the regular customers who thought we were escapees from the looney bin finally helped us.
The clothes are back home and nice and clean. I’m dying to try the Magna Dexter, maybe next wash day.  

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