Saturday, July 27, 2013

Episode Seventy of Lilith's Escape

Episode Seventy of Lilith’s Escape

Edward disguised as David Brandish and Scouter acting the role of prisoner made their way towards the Philadelphia Naval Base. This base was now used by the Illuminati as a prison and medical research center, and the zombies who had attacked the rebel’s underground hideout were created here.

“I hope we don’t run into another herd of zombies. I’m almost out of ammo,” Scouter said as, he pulled his knife from the skull of the dead man.

“Hopefully, they’ll see my uniform from the towers,” Edward replied, pointing to the lookout towers rising above the entrance.

 He had seen the soldiers moving about in the towers; they were scanning the area with their binoculars. If they recognized his uniform, they might send out a vehicle to investigate. Edward was counting on this because he was down to three bullets.

“Here they come,” Scouter cried out as several more zombies stumbled towards them.

"Give me your gun," Edward said. They were too close to the base for Scouter to use his weapon on the zombies heading their way. Scouter needed to act the part of prisoner. Edward quickly snapped on the handcuffs and then pointed his gun at the first zombie to reach them. That one went down, but there were more coming

"Don't miss," Scouter said.
"Don't worry we have company," Edward replied, as the jeep sped down Broad Street towards them.

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