Monday, April 21, 2014

Game of Thrones: Breaker of Chains


One of my favorite GOT characters is in trouble. Poor Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is locked up in a cold damp dungeon waiting to be tried for murder; a murder he did not commit. When his loyal servant brings food and news, Tyrion is surprised to learn that Princess Sansa is missing. Where could she be?

Tyrion knows his father, Tywin could give two shits about him, but what about Jaime? Jaime and Tyrion were bonding. Is this brotherly love lost now that the little snot nose King Joffrey is deader than a doorknob? Tyrion doesn’t think Cersei responsible for the boy’s poisoning. I was surprised that he thought her innocent of such a deed. I don’t. If Joffrey’s marriage was consummated with Margaery, then power hungry Cersei would have been delegated to the broom closet and, she also had to marry that brother of Margaery; ouch! I’m sticking with Cersei as one of the suspects. Little Finger, who has arranged for Sansa’s rescue is another suspect, or he could have the hots for the young red head. The only people I feel sorry for in this episode is Margaery, Tyrion and of course the new boy king, Tommen. He looks like a gentle child, but he's in a nest of vipers.
Jaime, you dirty dog, what were you thinking when you forced yourself on Cersei, and with your dead son laying right there? Inbreeding doesn’t produce lovable offspring in your family.

You should be concentrating on helping your brother, especially with your father picking the jury. Wait! Maybe Jaime was interrogating Cersei…yeah that’s what he was doing. Whatever! I want him and the Ninja Warrior, Brienne to get together.                                                                      
Tyrion is a good soul, not perfect mind you, but a good soul and he knowingly sent Podrick away losing the only person willing to testify in his favor. He sent Shae away too, but only to protect her from his sister. Tyrion needs to make friends with someone who owns dragons.
Speaking of dragons and the perfect segway to another of my GOT characters, yep I’m talking the Dragon Goddess herself. I love Daenerys. She may surround herself with a powerful army and wise advisors, but it is she who calls the shots…and she does it with such class. I loved when her army began to fling crates of slave collars over the wall. Daenerys showed a sense of humor with her subtle message to the people of Mereen that it might be a great idea for them to surrender.

Things are not looking good for the Knights of Castle Black.  Jon Snow and the other knights are in big trouble. The Wildings and their new BFF’s the cannibalistic Thenn are marching closer to the wall. Samwell, thinking he was protecting his lady love, Gilly, and her baby, takes her to a nearby town where she’ll be safe. He has her stay at a brothel. Men can be so stupid sometimes.
The Hound and Arya make friends and then rob them, well technically, it was the Hound. A farmer and his daughter take in the ragamuffins, feed them and then give them a place to stay. The Hound, who has not learned how to play nice with friends or use a tissue, robs the kind farmer. Oh well! I had such high hopes for the Hound.

Stannis Baratheon has learned of Joffrey’s death and he wants to make his move before everyone forgets him. Is there a reason the little princess, Shireen, is kept locked away. She’s so much smarter than the adults around her.
That’s it folks! You have my review of the show, but if you want to know more, go on HBO’s demand. I’m wondering if King Joffrey’s funeral will go better than his wedding?  

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