Monday, April 14, 2014

Game of Thrones: Wedding


Holy bloody matrimony! In the land of fire and ice, marriages can be detrimental to your health. While wedding preparations were going on at Kings landing, we learn that Ramsey Snow is still at his sadistic games. I really hate this character. He releases his hounds on a poor maiden and laughs while she is torn apart.
Theon Greyjoy, who is a shell of a man in ways both physical and mental, is now called Reek. Roose Bolton is not happy with Ramsey’s treatment of Theon, but Ramsey has a ‘get out of jail’ card. Reek under torture reveals that Bran and his younger brother are alive, and now Roose wants the boys hunted down.
Bran Stark, who is mind melding with wolves, befriends a tree and receives a message. “Go north and look for me under the tree.” Unless this is one of the Ents from the Hobbit, I’m wondering if the tree is giving the right directions. Bran, Rickon and the rest of the merry band of misfits head north.
Dragonstone Island
Never say three is a crowd with this group. The scene opens with Stannis Baratheon and his black magic witchy woman, Melisandre are having themselves a barbeque with the neighboring heretics. It’s either Melisandre’s god or death.
 What a strange arrangement between Selyse and the red witch. It seems they don’t mind sharing the bed with Stannis, but Selyse does want hubby to crack down on the poor princess, Shireen. This poor kid can’t get a break. She has a birthmark that covers the entire left side of her face and now she has to listen to the red witch teach religion.
Kings Landing

And now it’s time for the wedding between spoiled rotten, sadistic, Joffrey and kind and gentle Margaery. Tyrion is warned that his true love is in danger and he is forced to send Shae away, leaving us to share in their  heartbreak.
While Tyrion and Jamie bond and chat about their futures under the king, Cersei is taking her disappointment over being the former queen regent out on others. She disses Brienne and guesses correctly that Brienne is in love with Jaime. When Margaery tells the servants to give any left-over food to the poor, Cersei secretly directs them to throw the food to the dogs. What a bitch! She should run for Congress; she hates the poor as much as they do.

Joffrey is sullen during the festivities except when he’s doing harm to others. He trashes Tyrion’s gift, a book of the history of kings and he takes glee in embarrassing Tyrion in front of the other guests. As much as I hate the character and think he is truly the apple of his mother’s tree, I love the young actor, Jack Gleeson. This kid has made every fan of Game of Thrones want to personally throttle him with our bare hands, which is what he was supposed to do and he did it so deliciously.
It wasn’t the Red Wedding, but it will be remembered as the wedding of excesses. Money was spent on lavish buffoonery, while the poor starved in the streets. Joffrey was poisoned and Tyrion is blamed. What will happen to Margaery, Brienne, Sansa, and Tyrion? No one is safe at Kings Landing. Oh, and you might as well keep the wedding gift. It won’t be needed


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