Saturday, April 12, 2014

Grimm: The Law of Sacrifice



Last night’s episode had Renard ready to die for his child and Adalind. While Nick and Renard peacefully discuss the best place for Adalind & the child to hide, Kelly observes a wesen F.B.I Agent giving orders to wesen assassins to take the child. Kelly is a Grimm Ninja Warrior and I love how easily she can take down an enemy. There is a big shoot out, and Nick helps Renard and Adalind escape for the time being, but where can Nick and Renard hide the mother and child? With the Royal Prince and his cohorts already on the way to Portland, Nick knows of only one haven.

Poor Monroe and Rosalee are getting it on hot and heavy when they receive a call from Nick. In one of the funniest conference calls, ever! Nick asks Monroe if he can bring a few guests to stay at his house. Monroe is a good friend and ally to Nick, and of course he says yes. I’ve never seen Monroe refuse Nick any request. But it is Monroe’s relationship to Rosalee and how they handle Nick’s constant requests for help (some of which are quite strange) that make this show work. No one can say that Monroe and Rosalee don’t have a sense of humor.
Rosalee and Monroe are now babysitting the woman not only responsible for Juliette’s coma, but also Nick’s Aunt Marie’s death. Kelly is also staying at the house guarding mother and child which is pretty funny since it was Kelly who, unknown to Adalind, killed Adalind’s mother. Monroe’s and Rosalee’s tiptoeing through this tricky wicket is priceless. But, not everyone is smiling.

The Prince shows up at the police station and flat out tells Renard that he will kill everyone unless he is given the child. See, it’s not that Eric loves the child, but that he wants to use her power to control the world. He’s a creep.

There is only one way to save this baby and it’s heartbreaking but necessary. Renard tricks Adalind into handing over the baby to him while she makes a police report on what occurred when they were attacked earlier in the night. It isn’t until she finds Kelly in the interrogation room that she realizes she’s been duped. Renard hands the infant over to the Prince.

Adalind sees the limo drive off with her baby and you can feel her loss. It was a very sad scene. The Prince never gets the baby onto the plane and back to Europe because on route to the airport, heavily armed rebels steal the child from him. I was very upset with the outcome and especially because that poor baby’s situation went from bad to worse. Would she be killed?
A truck drives down a lonely road with Kelly at the wheel and beside her, the child. Although Renard was in on the rescue of the child with the help of Nick, Monroe, Kelly and Hank, he will never know the child’s whereabouts. It’s safer that way. Kelly will protect that child with her life and there is a bond between the Ninja Grimm and the Wesen princess, but it was Adalind’s cries of grief for her missing baby that stayed with me long after the show ended.

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