Friday, May 4, 2012

Part Fourteen of Lilith's Escape

“No, not female,” The supervisor replied. “The man, who was here earlier today looking for Levi, also said he was from Metro police.

“What did you tell him?’ Edward asked.

“The same thing, I’m going to tell you. I haven’t seen Levi in a week,” the supervisor replied.
“Did this other officer leave a name?” Edward asked.

“He was wearing a high priced suit just like you and if this is the new uniform for Scotland Yard, then I’m in the wrong business,” the supervisor replied.

“Did he leave his name?”

“Yes, but I’m sure it’s fake, just like the one you’ll leave,” the supervisor snapped and turned to walk away.

“What kind of worker is Levi?”

The supervisor turned back and gave Edward a hard look as if sizing him up. “He’s a hard worker, but keeps to himself so no one really knows anything about him. I hope he’s okay because I don’t want to lose a good man.”
    The supervisor reached into his shirt pocket and took out a card. After handing Edward the name of the other officer, he headed towards the dock and his men.

Edward studied the business card. He would call his connection inside Scotland Yard to find out if this officer even existed. He walked back to the taxi and asked the driver to take him to the nearest phone booth.
“So did you find your man?” the taxi driver asked Edward after he had finished his phone call.

“Unfortunately no,” Edward replied as he climbed back into the taxi. The officer, who had visited the docks, did not exist. So who else was looking for Levi? Was it the person or persons who were responsible for the break in and the blood left on the rug?
They were on the road no more than 20 minutes, when the driver yelled out, “What the hell?”
Edward never saw it coming, but the taxi was hit from behind with such force that Edward found himself airborne. His head collided with the glass partition, which separated him from the driver. The driver was hurt, there was blood seeping from his ear. Edward’s vision was blurred and it felt like the bells of St Mary were ringing inside his brain. He tried to open the door, but his hand would not obey.
“Hey pal. Are you okay?” he called out to the driver. A gurgling sound was the only reply.

He looked out the window of the cab to see the limo pulled to the side of the road. The back door opened and two men got out. Edward saw what they had in their hands. They weren’t there to help the injured.