Friday, May 18, 2012

Part Sixteen of Lilith's Escape

Edward was able to flag down a cabbie and after he climbed into the back of the cab, gave the address to the driver. Instead of going home, he decided to visit his old partner.
James Powell was a former agent for England’s military intelligence. He had received a crippling injury a few years back while working for MI6, but although this injury prevented him from doing active duty, he still did some odd jobs when required.
After Edward paid the cabbie, he rang the bell for the occupant of the first floor apartment. “Yes?” the voice inquired.
“Mouse, it’s me. We need to talk,” Edward said into the intercom. Edward heard the click which signaled the release of the lock and he opened the door. After entering the hallway, he knocked on the apartment door of his friend.

“Give me a sec, mate,” James called out. Edward heard the smooth motor sound of the chair as it moved closer to the door. “I’ve been expecting you,” James said as he moved back to allow Edward to enter the room.
“How are you feeling?” Edward asked as he took James’s hand in his. Although sentenced forever to a wheelchair, James who was over six foot four still exhibited a commanding presence. James had lost the use of his legs on a job he and Edward were assigned to.

     They had walked into a trap with James getting the worst of the explosion.
      He would have died if Edward wasn’t there that day. Edward still carried the scars from the severe burns to his back, but he pulled his partner to safety before the building collapsed on the two of them.
“I’m alive and kicking,” James teased, but when Edward didn’t respond with his usual smile, he added, “Let’s have a drink.” After James got the vodka and glasses from the desk, he asked, “Is this about our little lady?”

Edward downed the drink and it burned all the way down, but in a good way. “How did you meet her?”
James downed his own drink and then filled both glasses to the rim. “Drink that one down before I tell you,” he instructed Edward.

“Tell me,” Edward urged after drinking the contents.

“You know that while they were working on me in the hospital, my heart stopped.”

“Yeah, I know.”

James nodded before adding, “I met her while I was dead.