Friday, March 1, 2013

Episode Fifty-seven of Lilith's Escape


“Go on, Edward replied.

“I recognized most of those poor souls…they lived around here and the bridge underpass. I don’t think the enemy knows our whereabouts yet, but to make sure, we should move camp tonight.”

“There are too many of you, surely we’ll be noticed if we move camp.” Edward was worried about the children.
“There are tunnels within tunnels in the subway system. Our movements will go unnoticed,” Tzaddik added.

“I won’t leave until you're at the new location,” Edward replied as the oldest of the children climbed down from atop the barrier and ran past him and the soldiers and right up to Lilith. She hugged them to her, smiling as she listened to their excited chatter.

“She's not an evil creature…don’t hold her to your standards,” Tzaddik whispered to Edward.
He found it hard to believe that anyone would mistake Lilith as anything other than cold and manipulative, but right now, Edward was seeing a different side of her as she interacted with the children…no, she wasn’t evil, but she sure as hell wasn’t good. Did he care? No, as angry as he was with her, he still loved her.

“Let’s get this circus on the road. We have a date with the naval base tomorrow,” Scouter said, and then patted Edward on the shoulder.

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