Sunday, March 3, 2013

When I Can't Sleep


My mind is constantly on the go, which is good when I want to write, or plan activities for the little girl that I tutor, or do day trips with the grandkids, but it’s definitely not good when I’m trying to get a few hours’ sleep.
No I don’t sleep through the whole night. My brain won't turn off, but instead, runs through a legion of subjects like those below, for instance:
Space X

I’m so excited that the space program is kept alive by private entrepreneurs who still believe that the best way for mankind to improve in technology, research, science and future jobs, is to look up and beyond. Check out their site and the CEO and chief designer, Elon Musk.
The Sequester Debacle
Instead of giving you the Webster’s Dictionary meaning of the word, here is a better description
 And really should Congress get paid while we're kept in budget hell. I say no budget, no pay.

Public Transportation

Bring back more trains, and make traveling by train and bus so cheap that people will use this form of transportation first, and their cars less and less.
Genetically altered food

I keep thinking of the first X-Files movie and the end scene where we see rows and rows of corn stalks. Is it safe, I doubt it. Don’t believe me? Check the ingredients on everything you purchase. I was surprised how widespread this problem is. Other countries refuse to use genetically altered food for human consumption. Ask yourself why?

We are in a Technology and Science race with the rest of the world, and it doesn’t bode well for us when Third world countries can kick our ass. We need to put as much effort and money into education as we do the Super Bowl. We need to make sure that our teachers are the cream of the crop, that disruptive students are taken out the classroom, and that a child is not promoted to the next grade unless he is reading at the grade level.

It is up to the parents to teach their children proper manners, not the schools. They should know how to act in a civilized (well mostly) setting, be it out in public or at home. I don’t care how cute and cuddly little Johnny is in your eyes, not if he behaves like a bully with others.

Don’t put down people just to make yourself look good. Be kind with your words and actions, because Karma is a bitch.

Some friends you pick and some pick you, but our friends help us through the good times and the bad, treasure them.

I don’t know about you, but my life resembles a giant pinball game with me being one of the steel balls. I try to score as many points as I can, but those pesky little bats sometimes send me in a direction I don’t want to go. When I was younger, I tried to avoid the bats, fearing they would lead me to a dead end. But as I got older and wiser (Ha!), I began to look forward to being swiped by the bats, and in fact, I head right for them. Send me where you want, life. I don’t care, I’m enjoying the adventure.

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