Friday, March 15, 2013

Episode Fifty-nine of Lilith's Escape


“The king of England and his people have fought the Illuminati tooth and nail. You might not recognize London because of the bombings, but the king has kept his people free.” Scouter’s revelation lifted the weight that was hanging over Edward ever since he arrived in this time and place.
“First good news I’ve had since arriving here. Is England the only place to survive?”

“Israel, Germany, the northern part of France, the Swiss, parts of Canada, and here in our country, several Native American tribes who have formed a resistance group at the Bitterroot Mountains,” Scouter replied.

“We’re ready, move it guys,” Rita, interrupted their conversation as she entered the area.

“Will you be okay?” Edward asked Rita.

“We’ll soon find out,” she bravely replied, but her expression told him otherwise.
After Edward, Scouter and Rita joined the others, Tzaddik gave the signal and the trek to a new location begun. Fear hung heavy in the air, and even the children were unusually silent. The plan was to move underground, using the subway system until they would eventually come above ground. The destination was a museum which was located in the southern part of Philadelphia, in a park known as the ‘Lakes’.     

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