Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grimm's Monster of the Week: Fuchsteufelwild


Try saying that three times! Last night’s show centered around three different situations. At the start of the show we find ourselves at a big celebration for an online game corporation. The game they’re celebrating is called Black Forest. Two of the people responsible for making oodles of noodles (money) for the company Jenna and Brody sneak away into one of the offices to get some private one on one. Jenna hears a noise, is worried that they’re being watched and leaves Brody alone in the office. Brody is attacked by a creature called a Fuchsteufelwild, who has sharp claws that drip acid. Jenna who heard the commotion returns to find her boyfriend sliced in half and a message written in blood, “Play the game”.  Nick and his team are called in.
Over at Nick’s house, Juliette is still dealing with spirits. She sees a vision of a soaking wet Nick, but when she goes to touch this spirit, it disappears. Why she doesn’t call Nick, I’ll never know, but she goes to visit Rosalee and Monroe at the Spice Shop to ask for help. They go over her house for dinner and this time, she sees a vision of Nick reading a very old book. Rosalee and Monroe don’t see a thing, but they do believe that these visions might be connected to the potion that all three (Nick, Juliette and Renard) drank to break a curse put on Juliette. Somehow, Monroe lets it slip that Juliette vision of Nick, may be connected to Aunt Marie’s trailer, which Nick inherited. Juliette wants to go to the trailer, and Monroe is between a rock and a hard place. If he takes her to the trailer, he’s betraying Nick’s secret, but if he doesn’t, Juliette will leave town.
Renard is having his own adventure. He makes plans to meet one of his informers for a secret meeting, not realizing that his informer is being followed. He learns from his informer that his brother and six other royal families are trying to dissolve the union and that is not good for the humans. When Renard notices that he and the informer are being watched, he goes after the spy and at the same time notices the bomb. Renard grabs the bag and tosses it out into the street, saving everyone’s life in the restaurant. He then gets into a shoot-out with the spy.
Nick, Hank and Sgt. Wu learn from Dominic (the head of the company) that Jenna’s ex-boyfriend might be responsible for the murder, but when Nick and his team go to investigate they realize the man is innocent, but they learn that Brody’s character in the game of Black Forest was also cut in half by a game player known as Nameless. The killer then slices and dices a female friend of Jenna’s and this time leaves three title pages from three different books. It’s another clue, but what does it mean?
Sgt. Wu

This was Sgt. Wu’s night to shine. He figures out that the three books were written under the author’s pseudonyms or non-de-plumes. They get the list of players from Dominic and then Sgt. Wu, using a Sudoku clue (that the killer left with the second murder victim) finds out the real name of the killer and why he’s going after Jenna. He was the tech who helped fix their program when it crashed and not only fixed it, but improved it, but he was never given credit for his work, hence the name “Nameless”. Like I said this was Sgt. Wu’s night to shine and he’s almost killed when the team set a trap for Nameless. When Nick and Hank chase the man onto the roof, he jumps to his death.


I love when a show allows a supporting character to grow in his or her role. Congrats to Sgt. Wu for solving the case, but we’ll need to give Monroe a hug because he’s the one who has to break the news to Nick; Tell Juliette the truth or she’s gone for good. I love this show and I know you will too. So join me on Friday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC.


  1. I love Grimm I look forward to it every week!!!

    1. Me too, Stacey. It's about time that they had a show like this.