Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Zombie Run-Philadelphia


I’m pretty sure that my followers have figured out how much I love zombies, right? Will this year, my grandsons and I will be participating in Zombie Run- Philadelphia this April.
Josh age 16 and Nathan age 10 wanted to run away from zombies, but as I explained to them, “Granny can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.” So, this year, the three of us will be zombies, and on April 7th, we will be chasing our next meal at the F.D.R. Park in South Philly.

I had the opportunity to interview one of the people responsible for promoting and pulling together The Zombie Run. So join me my little zombie snacks as we meet Director Carrie Snyder and find out a little bit about the upcoming apocalypse.

Hi Carrie, thank you so much for joining me. Tell us a little about yourself.

Before joining Dave Feinman and Andrew Hudis, I had met them at other Philadelphia events. I was the Director of the Ragnar Relay Series, and my other race projects included the ODDyssey Half-Marathon and the Yuengling Light Lager Jogger.

What was the inspiration behind Zombie Run- Philadelphia?

Dave and Andrew , the brains behind this project called me in to direct and promote the race. We wanted to base the race on something that was popular at the time, something from a movie or T.V. show. With AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, we found the perfect venue with widespread popularity. Everyone loves zombies.

How is this race different than other races?

Our race focuses on a story, like a Disney World Ride, we’re creating an alternate reality. The Zombie Run creates a running narrative on a racecourse designed like a Hollywood Apocalypse movie set. Participants either run the course as Zombies or living Zombie prey.
Since my grandsons and I will be zombies, who will do the make-up on us?

Professional make-up artists will be on site to transform warm-blooded runners into blood sucking, flesh eating zombies. Some of the artists have worked on the yearly Eastern State Penitentiary Halloween Terror Event.

Who will the race benefit?

The Zombie Run benefits Active Heroes ( a volunteer-led charity helping veterans, active duty military and their families. A portion of the proceeds from each event will also be donated to a local charity.

Philadelphia is the place this event will launch from, but how many cities are involved?

Right now, there are 11, but we plan to have 16 in 2013, more will be added on and you can check them out on our site,
Why did you pick this particular site (my favorite) for the Philadelphia Zombie Run?

The Franklin Dell Roosevelt Park is a beautiful little known gem that is part of the Fairmount Park System. This green oasis and is located at 1500 Pattison Ave and is home to the American Swedish Museum. This park can be reached by the Broad Street subway and bus line and it’s easily reached by the main highways.
Thank you Carrie for spreading the news about this amazing event, and for you little zombie snacks who live in or near the Philadelphia area, yeah I’m talking to you, New Jersey, Delaware and New York, come watch the race, or better yet, become a runner.
I’m hungry and need brains to eat.


  1. Have fun Marie and family.

    1. thank you. Krista will be there too:)

    2. I hope to run next year! Nice post/interview!

  2. I am glad you asked who the run benefits. I did not know the money went toward the troops.