Monday, October 6, 2014

Guest Blogger Kathryn Gilbert Talks Turtles, TMNT That Is.

      Kathryn with her grandparents and cousin Nathan                                                      
This past summer, my granddaughter Kathryn came out to visit and we had a ball getting to know each other a little better. My granddaughter lives in Wyoming and I haven't seen her in a few years. I missed her. Kathryn, like me and my other granddaughter, Katrina, is a writer.

                                        Katrina, Kathryn, Me and Nate                  

While Kathryn was out visiting, she pulled me into the world of the Teenage Ninja Turtles and explained everything that I ever wanted to know about the show. She was able to see this movie a few times; a true TMNT fan. So let me introduce my very talented granddaughter and her thoughts on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

     Kathryn Gilbert's Review                                                         

Above all else, know this: I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Holy crap, did I love this movie. I saw it in theaters four times. It was just so good. I had a lot of doubts going into it, but coming out, all of those doubts were erased. Despite all of the bad press surrounding this film, Michael Bay did a good job keeping the Turtles in character. And surprisingly, Megan Fox did a decent job as April. I still can't think "That's April O'Neil" when I look at her, but at least she didn't totally butcher the character. Fun fact: Megan was pregnant while filming this movie. Isn't that crazy? I could never do all of that action stuff if I was pregnant. (Well, maybe I could, so long as the Turtles were involved.)

The Good: The Turtles were in character, the story was new while still keeping some elements of previous story lines, the action scenes were good (I mean, come on; that snow chase scene was awesome), the music was epic, and it was funny. I love that Raph was in character. (SPOILERS: I also really love that he pretty much laid out all of the reasons why I love him in his goodbye speech at the end. I cry every time.)

The Bad: Holy plot holes, Batman! There is so much left open or unresolved in this movie. If you are part of the Turtles universe, you can fill in some holes, but not all of them. Second, why the heck was Eric Sacks in this movie? What purpose did he serve? Third, Shredder's armor was WAY over the top. Too many blades. (Though I have to admit, the Shredder vs Splinter scene was EPIC.)

Overall, it was so worth the $30+ I probably spent going to see this movie multiple times. First, I went to the premiere showing on August 8 with my dad. The very next day, I went to see it again. About a week later, I saw it again. Another week later, my whole family went. I can't express how much I love this film. That moment when we first see the Turtles' faces in the movie is the COOLEST MOMENT EVER!! :D


Right. I think I've gone all-out nerd long enough for one day. To celebrate TMNT 2012's Mutation Day, I will be watching S01E01-2 "Rise of the Turtles" and S02E25-26 "The Invasion" to see how far the Turtles have come in two years. It will be epic.


It was a great review and now I'm looking to see the turtles in action. Thank you Kathryn.

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