Thursday, October 30, 2014

What You Should Ask Your Doctor When Prescribed Medications


I don't usually talk about medications on my blog, but I was contacted by Judy Cohen, Outreach Coordinator of the American Recall Center located in New York City. I'd rather not take medicine if I can help it, but with a compromised immune system; what you want isn't always what you can get.

I have a primary care doctor, who in my opinion is the best damn doctor in the world. Dr. Joseph Mangel of South Philadelphia. Unable to get a shingle shot because of my compromised immune system, my doctor put me on an anti-viral medication. This medication is protecting me from another horrid shingle attack like I had a few years ago. My hematologist and my primary doctor both talk to me about my medicines and always check to make sure that I'm not having any side effects. I have none.


Not every doctor will ask, but I think all patients must be more aggressive in learning what side effects their medications  might cause. I would make this suggestion. When your doctor prescribes medicine for long term use, ask for a printout of the expected side effects of the drug. If you begin to experience any of the listed side effects, notify your doctor immediately. Always make sure that your medication is not outdated. Throw away old pills.


Remember to take your medicine at the same time each day. Some of my friends will tell me that they take over the counter or mail order homeopathic supplements, but that can be dangerous. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to learn if the supplements can interfere with your prescribed medications effects.

If you have to take medication, do it the right way and tell your doctor of any unusual symptoms.

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