Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Life with Fred & Lucy, Episode 34: Is That You?


My father and mother are partying together. Fred and Lucy may have been mortal enemies while alive, but dead they apparently (according to several respected mediums) have decided to join forces. Fred has forgiven my mother; too long a story to tell here, but the details will be in the upcoming book.

                                                            Mom and me in California                                   

Fred and Lucy spend time visiting my house, my sister Lucy’s house and my daughter’s house. They make sure we know they are there. Whenever I'm writing an episode on “Life with Fred and Lucy”, I feel that they are there and they are watching me. Did they mind my telling stories of our family? Was mom upset with my revealing her bad driving record? I didn't know.

Recently, my daughter confirmed that Fred and Lucy were indeed aware of my stories about them. About six months ago, she was invited to a group reading by a famous California Medium. It was last minute. One of the girls scheduled to attend had fallen ill ,and  since there had to be an accurate head count before the Medium would agree to come out, ReRe's friend asked her to fill in.

Before that poor woman could even introduce herself, my father was there. He would not let any spirits through unless he spoke first. Yep, that’s the Fred I know. The medium had no choice but to let Fred speak.

He told my daughter that he’s not only with my mother, but also with wife #2 and wife#3 who we called Grandmom Mary. We loved her as if she were our own mother. Nuts, right? He's partying with all three wives. But, according to Fred, they are happy and enjoying the fact that they can spy on us whenever they want; this must be some kind of afterlife benefit for parents. ReRe is afraid I might do this to her.

He told my daughter that he loves my Fred & Lucy Stories; keep them coming. After telling ReRe some stuff that only she would know, he told her to make sure Nathan wears a helmet when he does Parkour. Yep, came right out and mentioned the sport. Just like that. Finally the Medium told Fred he would have to leave; the other spirits were getting ready to rebel. Fred left peacefully, which was a first for him.

I can hear Fred walking around the attic at night. I’ll yell up to the attic, “Hey Fred. Is that you?” My grandsons have heard him, too. My mother hangs around the first floor and sometimes I can smell her perfume. I know for sure, she’s around especially when I’m feeling sick. She pats my back while I’m trying to fall asleep.

My sister has reported incidents that happen around her house and, she’ll call out, “Is that you?”

My daughter not only has my parents dropping by, but also my deceased mother-in-law.  Eleanor has saved my youngest grandson from many a broken bone by calling out to my daughter whenever Nathan thought he could fly like Superman.

My family is very comfortable with the paranormal. We are all blessed with psychic abilities and don’t mind the extra protection from the other side. Whenever I’m at a ghost investigation, I make sure to do the binding procedures so I don’t unintentionally take someone home, but even if I did; Fred and Lucy would kick the wayward spirit out.

I’m not sure what Fred is looking for up in the attic, but I’m guessing it’s his deck of pinochle cards. I would give them to him, but I kind of feel safe with him and mom around. Do you have dead relatives visiting your home? Most people, if honest with themselves, will say they do and that they don’t mind.
See you next week with a new Fred & Lucy Episode called Shoes.  

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