Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Visit to the Art Museum and Zombie Fishes


No, I didn't see zombie fishes at the Art Museum; that story I'll tell at the end of this post. But, I did go to the Art Museum in Philadelphia and I can tell you about the wonderful experience. My sister, Lucy, and I have been trying to get to the Art Museum all summer, but it was hectic with my sister Jane's visit.
                                From the left, Marie, Jane, Lucy and my daughter ReRe

For all of you who have been following the "Sister Episodes," Jane is home safe and has a new grandson named Joshua.
                                                                   Joshua Lemmons                                                          

After spending hours enjoying European and Asian art, we had time for lunch in the impressive cafeteria. I intend to visit the museum again next month.

Having worked at a museum, I know how important floor staff is and I have to say that the Security staff and docents were outstanding. Every single staff person was pleasant and helpful and knowledgeable.
One Security staff person was so very helpful in getting Lucy and I started on the right direction (God seemed to skip our family when he was handing out internal GPS systems) Stephanie Washington even took the time to explain a peace of modern art to us.
                                                     Stephanie Washington

If you're visiting the Art Museum, make sure to say hello to Stephanie for us. She and all the other floor staff went out of their way to make this an enjoyable day for "The Sisters"



Now let me get to the story about the zombie fish. Life is never boring for “The Sisters.” I think GOD loves to watch us stumble through life; we are his personal sitcom. But we don’t mind the weird things that happen to us; we thrive on it.

Now, back to the fish story! My sister Lucy had a 20 gallon fish tank with two nice sized goldfish. You noticed I said “had”

Wanting to increase the number of fish, Lucy recently purchased another goldfish. It turned out to be  an escapee from “The Walking Dead,” only Lucy didn’t know it at the time of purchase. After several days, the other two goldfish began to look a little worn and torn.  Lucy thought that maybe the water needed to be changed even though it looked clean; so she cleaned the tank.

Did this help? Hell no! But she did notice that the newer fish, who we will call Merle, was pecking at the other two. After a few days, the other two fish were dead and Merle was swimming around with a “Make My Day” tee-shirt; not a good sign.

Lucy went back to the pet store to buy more goldfish and asked the clerk if goldfish eat other goldfish, if they’re all the same size. The clerk didn’t think so, and Lucy brought home the two new and larger sized goldfish. Larger because she thought Merle would behave if the other fish were larger than him. Ha! 
Merle attacked the other fish like they were piñatas. What do you do with a zombie fish?  Lucy had to play Rick Grimes and take matters into her own hands.

 To make a long story short, the remaining fish are doing fine, although a bit jittery when Lucy passes the tank.

Speaking of zombies, make sure to watch the premiere of Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" this October 13th. Let me know if you see Merle the goldfish.

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  1. Thanks again for your entertaining post. Loved the fish story.