Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Come Back!!!

I write reviews for Biff Bam Pop! on movies and books, but mostly, I review T.V. shows like “The Walking Dead”  Orphan Black, Bates Motel, and of course, True Blood. I love True Blood and have read most of the books, and although Alan Ball presented the series much differently than the books, I loved what he did for the show.
Then right before season six began, True Blood fans learned that Alan Ball would not be the show runner, and that someone else would take over. I’m the type of person who gives the new guy a chance to prove themselves; someone with a new perspective. I was wrong.

Every Monday, after the review of the show was posted, I would receive calls from tons of friends and relatives who’ve been following True Blood since its premier on HBO. We would chat or squabble about the events of the night before: what’s with Bill; who the hell is Warlow; what’s with Andy’s faerie daughters; and what a bitch Sarah Newlin is; but I'm partial to bad girls.
We liked the show, but there was something off. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but there was a change. Still, troopers that we are, we remained faithful to the show. That is until the Season six Finale.

WTF! Did the writers all get writer’s block at the same moment? Why did they have Sookie’s grandfather save the day? Why didn’t he save her while she was still in faerie land? What was Eric doing sunbathing in Sweden, instead of warning the vampires around the world of the tainted blood? When he flew away, that’s where we all assumed he was doing. Eric is thousands of years old and I’m pretty sure he would have brought a cloak with him; just in case. But, no! The writers did away with him or at least that’s what it looks like.

 And as far as Alcide and Sookie together; I don’t think so. How did Sam become Mayor? Where is the former Mayor? Protection for blood: yeah right! I don’t think the townsfolk of Bon Temps are that naïve. Zombie vampires heading towards the town was laughable. Leave the zombies to people who really know how to use them. I’m talking “The Walking Dead.”

Okay, I’m done my ranting, but I intend to write a letter to Alan Ball. We need you back at the helm, Alan! Now, Alan, before they start shooting scenes for season seven, and while you’re at it, bring Eric back with you!



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