Monday, August 12, 2013

Boys, Bugs, and Bug Fest at The Academy of Natural Science

                                    Nathan and Granny getting their spider tattoos
On Sunday, 8/11/2013, I headed over to the Academy of Natural Sciences with two of the desperadoes to have fun at the Academy’s yearly big crawling Bug Fest. It was a lot of fun.
We visited the changing exhibit hall where Joshua, Nathan and I made believe we were captured fireflies.
Then we spent the day checking out all the amazing insects that the Academy had shipped in for this special day.
The highlight of the boys’ day was the cooking show in the auditorium. There were two featured chefs: Cajun Chef Zack Lemann and Chef Chuck Ziccardi of Drexel University of Culinary Arts. They were doing an on-stage cook-off with yummy bug recipes. They asked for volunteers and Nathan volunteered.
                                          Chef Chuck on the left and Chef Zack on the right

The selected recipes for this contest would include dragonflies, wax worms, and cicadas; yummy right?
Karen Verderame and Michael Kaczmarczik along with Jill Sybesma were busy collecting questions from the audience for the chefs to answer while they prepared the food to be judged.
                                                   Karen is on stage and Jill is with Nathan
When the finale moment arrived for Nathan to judge the food, I was a bit worried that he would chicken out,

                                   Nathan taking the first bite of bug polenta while Michael watches 
but he not only wolfed down every sample, but he wanted more. The other two contestants were just as pleased with the food. Chef Chuck won the cook-off and I might be calling him, soon; very soon. My grandson Nathan liked the bug polenta and the wax worm hushpuppies so much, he wants more! He wants me to learn how to make them.
                                                   Nathan wolfing down the good bug snacks
It might not be a bad idea to learn how to cook those tasty bug meals; you know, in case of a zombie apocalypse. We won’t ever need to worry about running out of food, and there are plenty of bugs for everyone! bon appetite


  1. Cute. Looks like fun.

    1. It is lots of fun. You have to go with me, the next time:)

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun. The boys really look happy but honestly, i don't think i can eat bugs or any other insects. I know some people who have tried and have actually liked the taste but i don't know, i am not sure if i can take it. I can't even imagine it.

    1. Believe it or not, the toasted crickets tasted like cheese its. Glad you liked the post. The Academy has a new exhibit with moving dinosaurs. I'll be checking it out.