Friday, August 30, 2013

News from the Dark Side 8/30/2013


Yes, my little zombie snacks; it's that time of the week again. I have more weird news thanks to Huff post and a few other sites. Hope you enjoy the latest in weird.

This came from the Upworthy site by Adam Mordecai. How to get the politicians to admit that our climate is changing and not for the good? You'll love this solution:

I've always thought that some of my relatives were a little strange, and now I know why. From Huffington post science:

From the weird news section of Huff post we have this story:

I've always wondered why we don't have a museum for Tesla. I guess other's are asking the same question. From G4 and Huffington post, we have:

To end this week's weird news update, I have this little gem. In honor of the first man on the moon, a tribute from NASA:

Stay safe; run fast, my little zombie snacks. See you next week and if you come across an interesting article; submit it to me.


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