Friday, August 16, 2013

Episode Seventy-three of Lilith's Escape


“What the hell is your problem?” Edward shouted to the guards, who were pointing their weapons at him and Scouter. “Stand down!” he ordered, hoping to bluff his way out of a deadly situation.

“Sir, you haven’t gone through decon, and I can’t let you pass until you do,” the admitting guard replied, keeping his gun aimed at Edward.

“Move aside, soldier,” Edward replied. He had seen the hesitation on the young soldier’s part; the quick blink of the eyes; the weapon being slightly lowered and then quickly raised. Edward stood his ground; the bluff working. “I said, move aside!” The soldiers lowered their weapons and stood aside for him to pass.
“You, come with me!” Edward ordered one of the guards after he was handed back his credentials. Edward needed someone to lead him around the prison. They entered the prison and the guard led them to the main office, where the warden was busy eating his lunch.

“How did you escape?” the warden asked while chewing his food.

“Are you writing a book?” Edward answered the warden’s question with a sarcastic one of his own. “I need to go over your prisoner list, and I need this man put in a cell.” Edward pointed to Scouter.

“We’re getting ready to turn a few more prisoners and then release them. Do you want this prisoner included with that batch?” the warden asked Edward.
“No, this man helped me escape. No one is to touch him. Just put him in a cell and get him something to eat.” After the warden instructed the guard, who had accompanied Edward to his office, to lock up Scouter, and after the guard and prisoner left the room. Edward said, “Before you send out the next batch, let me see who’s on the list.”
“What’s the big interest? The list hasn’t changed that much since you’ve seen it last,” the warden replied, wiping the ketchup from his lips. But, when Edward didn’t reply, the warden let out a sigh and pulled out the files with the names of all the prisoners and their locations.

“Is this everything?” Edward asked. When the warden nodded, Edward quickly grabbed hold of the man’s head and twisted.
After dragging the body to the closet, Edward shoved the man inside.

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