Friday, August 23, 2013

Spying at the Franklin Institute


Yes, my little zombie snacks, I do other stuff besides ghost hunting, Steampunk Events and writing about zombies. Sometimes, I head on over to Philadelphia and visit museums. A few weeks ago, I was at The Academy of Natural Sciences Bug Fest with my grandsons, and Nathan even got a chance to be a judge in the Cook Off; he ate bugs and liked it!
This past Wednesday, my two friends and fellow renegades and I went to the Franklin Institute to see the new exhibit. Jean took her two granddaughters. We headed straight to the Spy Exhibit and had the best time learning about the original OSS organization that lead to what we know today as the C.I.A.
                                 The girls and I even got to crawl through an escape hatch.
                                        We didn't get to see Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone,

We liked the kiosk that showed how the spies strapped cameras onto pigeons and sent them off to gather information.

They had some weapons that even James Bond would have loved to use, like the items below.
We were even able to make it to the Demonstration Theatre to learn about fireworks: how they’re made; how they work; why they’re loud.

 The instructor was Al Bruno, and not only was he knowledgeable about the subject matter, but he made the whole demonstration fun for adults and children alike.
                          Sunday, my sister Lucy and I are heading over to the Art Museum

                                             I’ll try not to get yelled at again for touching the art.



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