Saturday, February 22, 2014

Helix, True Detective and "The Walking Dead

If you’re a connoisseur of oddities and you need the latest "It" to add to your collection, why not make it heads? You don't have to be a Governor to collect human heads and you don't have to keep them in fish tanks
I’ve been hooked on Helix which you can catch on Friday nights on the Syfy channel. This science fiction thriller takes place in the Arctic and stars Billy Campbell, Kyra Zagorsky, Mark Ghanime and Hiroyuki Sanada as the mysterious Dr. Hiroshi Hatake.
I’m not quite sure if Dr. Hatake is really the bad guy or not, but like our departed governor from The Walking Dead, Dr. Hatake collects heads. Instead of fish tanks, Dr. Hatake keeps his collection hidden under the ice; headsicles, if you must call them something. On last night’s episode, he added the head of Constance Sutton played by the kick ass, ex-Seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan. I was sorry to see Jeri out of the show so soon…or is she?
True Detective

I can’t get enough of this show or the two actors of True Detective. Matthew McConaughey (Detective Rust Cohle) and Woody Harrelson (Detective Martin Hart) are two dysfunctional homicide detectives who are trying to track down a serial killer. They are so mismatched in personalities and beliefs, that I’m surprised that they haven’t killed each other, but this is exactly why this show works. We, the audience, are pulled into their private lives and even if we don’t like them, we find ourselves cheering for them.   

Fellow Biff Bam Pop writer and close friend, Glenn Walker, posted his review of the show here.  Please read his review and then catch up with the show on HBO. The next episode airs on Sunday at 9 p.m. but I’ll have to wait until Monday to catch up because I’m watching….


Nothing keeps me from this show, not even vacations. Season four part two picked up with our friends of Team Prison, scattered by the now dead Governor’s attack on the prison. There is a lot of stuff going down and three new characters are now part of the cast.

 If you want to know what’s happening to Rick and his merry gang of zombie slayers, then watch the show. You can catch up with my recaps on Biff Bam Pop. One word of warning…watch out for little Lizzie.
You have the scoop on good shows, now watch them and tell me what you think:)

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