Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hubby Update Part Two



We were back in the emergency room again, but this time because Dan's blood pressure was through the roof. I don't think he can blame this on my driving, although, I've been using his car to get us all over town.

No, I think his high blood pressure was maybe due to the leg pain.This has not been a good month for my husband, but... we did learn that there was an Urgent Care next to the Wawa's on the White Horse Pike .


Having worked in the medical field for twenty plus years (Intensive Care, Operating Room, staff for Chief of Urology of Pennsylvania Hospital) before starting a new career at the Academy of Natural Science, I know good health care when I see it and so does my retired Philadelphia Fire Fighter/Paramedic husband. But, we had never been to an Urgent Care Center before. Who would take care of us? What if the doctor's name was Frankenstein?


I had this false assumption that these Urgent Care Centers were...I don't know....staffed by Joe Blow who never really passed the medical board's stringent requirements, BUT, I was wrong!!!


The reception staff, nurse and doctors were the real thing! They did the necessary tests while keeping us updated on their findings and they even touched base with our family doctor before ordering the needed blood pressure medication for Danny. They are part of the Cooper Health System and were able to pull up my husband's x-rays and blood pressure data from the day before. I have to say that Dan and I came home feeling a lot safer. We visit our family doctor in Philadelphia on Monday and hopefully get hubby's body back in working condition.


When we left the Urgent Care it had started to snow. Can you sue the weather? No! But, it doesn't matter. We were feeling pretty good with the courteous and professional care that we had received from the Cooper Urgent Care Staff. Thank you Cooper Hospital.


  1. Sorry to hear about your husband. Not fun having health problems. I hope he gets better soon. :)

    1. Thank you Jack. This man is never sick and now he's getting hit with everything. I'll keep you posted