Sunday, February 9, 2014

It Was Fifty Years Ago, Today …la la la


I was a senior in high school and totally in love with George Harrison, who was one of the Beatles…well…to tell the truth I flipped between him and Ringo, depending on the song. My friends and I would sing Beatle songs as we walked home from St. Maria Goretti High School in South Philly.
Even my father, who complained whenever my siblings and I had the radio on full blast as we listened to rock and roll, liked the Beatle songs. He played the guitar and had his own band when he was younger and knowing good music when he heard it, he would tell us to raise the volume so he could hear the song that was playing on the radio. The Beatles and their music brought together people of all ages.
Thanks to a childhood friend, I was able to see the Beatles live at the Convention Center in 1964. Our seats were not as close as I would have liked, but I was there and for the next few hours, I was in heaven.
I have never grown out of love for the four mop heads and in my mind, they tell the story of our generation with their music. Long live the music!


  1. I should've known your were there when Joe and I were watching last night. Love ya more than the Beatles.