Thursday, February 20, 2014

Updates on Book, BOO's, Boo boo's and Boot Camp


Well, my novella, Roof Oasis, is in the hands of Amazon Create Space and I have my own team. I get to do the second meeting with them on Monday. Oooh la di da!  I had my futuristic zombie story professionally edited and I well have a pro do the cover. Patti O’Brien and Shelley Szajner are both part of the South Jersey Writers’ Group and they rock!

Our group published a short story anthology, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey, last year and we did so well with it; promoting and selling, that there will be two more books coming out in the not so far future. I’ll keep you posted on SJWG’s progress.
                                                                    one of the proofs
I also had the professional photographer and owner of Bombshell Pinups do my author pictures. I should be getting the final prints, soon. I will post them on my blog and see which of the four poses is the most popular.  You can contact Bombshell Pinups at   She does marvelous work.
A fellow ghost hunter and I recently investigated a private home where the owner was afraid that the spirits there were harmful, but after we did a full investigation, we came to the conclusion that the spirits haunting the home were quite nice if not a bit confused. Suggestions were made and we are waiting to hear from the owner. Since this is still and open case, no other details can be given out.

Husband is still in the process of healing from the snow blowing incident and finding out what is wrong with his knee. MRI will be done next week. Hope there is no surgery required. Now if we could just get that blood pressure down.

In a few weeks, my grandson Jimmy, who is at Parris Island doing Marine Boot Camp, will be graduating. I miss that kid and can’t wait to see him. We’re driving out to South Carolina to pick him up. I’ll be one of the drivers. I hope I don’t get us lost. I have a reputation of always taking the wrong turn.

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