Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where are you Zeppie?


A few weeks back, I posted about watching my grandsons while my daughter and  son-in-law went on a second honeyomoon. On the second night of babysitting duty, after playing Judge Judy and designating who was going to play what on the large flat screen, I left the 17 year old down in the living room while his brothers and I called it a night.
I awoke to hear him yelling. Who was he speaking to? I found him in front of the T.V. carrying on a conversation.

"Who are talking to?" I asked, curious since it was only the two of us in the room.

"Dominic," he replied, his attention on the screen.

"Okay...," I replied, wondering if I should bother the parents to inform them their eldest was speaking to the television.

"Dominic, said hello," my grandson informed me.

"He can see me through the T.V?" I asked, and waved to the set.

"Oh my God," he replied, laughing his head off as he informed Dominic that I was waving to the T.V. set, and then turned around to show me the head set he was wearing, and after he explained how he was simutaneously playing this game with several of his friends, I made my way back to bed, my geek level at a new low.

The next day, the two younger boys were showing me a game called the legend of Zelda, the twilight princess.

"Who kidnapped her? Does Link get to marry her when he saves her? Can you talk to your friends on the T.V. when you're playing this game?" I asked a lot of questions, but their stunned expressions confirmed that I was game challenged, so I left the room and went to make myself a cup of tea.

This brings me to Zeppie, my webkin puppy. A few years ago, the youngest grandson asked me to buy myself a webkin so I would be able to send his webkin, e-mails and gifts. I did what any grandmother would do for a grandchild, and bought myself a webkin. What he failed to tell me was I had to take care of this puppy on line. Not only was I forced to buy furniture and sign Zeppie up for after school projects, but I had to do farming to feed this puppy. If I failed to keep the puppy well fed and entertained, I was called into the Doctor's office. It's really embarrassing to have a cartoon doctor tell you that your cartoon puppy is sick.

I found myself stressing out when days would pass, and because I was busy in real life, my imaginary plants would begin to die and I would have to rake and water and nurse the farm back to health. On top of this stress, my oldest granddaughter who was in college at the time, asked my to join her vampire group on facebook.

I had to fight zombies, werewolves, and other vampires to move up the ranks, and would send out requests to my facebook friends to please allow me to bite their neck to enable me to gain more points, but only a few agreed. Between trying to find the time to care for both my online dependents, I even considered using the vampires to to do the farming for my webkin site.

Busy with work, I went on my sites less and less, until one day, I could no longer pull up my webkin puppy, and God only knows where my level six vampire went to.

So for my facebook friends, please don't take it personal when I don't help you with farmville. I'm having major guilt trips as it is, and all I can hope for is that Zeppie is happy in Webkin heaven, and that my vampire got a bit part on True Blood and is doing well.


  1. This was a very amusing read! I'm crazy in that I'd be mourning the death of a virtual animal. And I hate those Farmville things, so you're safe with me!

  2. Thank you,and I'm happy to know you won't be sending me farmville requests,because I don't think I could handle another thing dying because of my busy schedule

  3. Marie,
    I remember when my five children had me tending their electronic pets while they were at school. The dang things were always sick, or pooped, or hungry. Kind of like real children.

    Time is always a factor in life. Who ever has enough of it?

    I like you blog and believe I am following it now.
    ~Victoria Marie Lees

  4. Thank you Victoria and I might add, you have reached Saint-hood level for taking care of all those electronic pets. Now just protect yourself from the farmville people.

  5. This is great, Marie! You're very funny. When I get some time I'll read some of your previous posts and I'll be sure to keep up with your future ones. You're safe with me too, I don't do that whole Farmville thing...Boring!!

  6. Somehow I had missed this entry when you first posted it, Marie, love it! Great stuff!

    1. Thank you Glenn. This is one of the slices of life that I have submitted to the S.J. short story anthology along with the zombie story that I had sent to Andy. I'm glad that you like this.