Friday, December 23, 2011

Why I love Steampunk

            A little more than a year ago, my granddaughter, who had graduated from Moore’s College, invited me to join her at an event in center city.
“Granny, I’ll be wearing my Victorian outfit, and I also have one for you to wear,” she instructed. Me, loving any kind of fun adventure, agreed to go.
That night after dressing at her house, I looked into the mirror and said, “Isn’t this a lot of black?”
“No granny, trust me,” she replied.
Donned in an ankle length black skirt, topped with a frilly long sleeved black shirt, and over that a dainty black vest, all I needed to add was the Victorian bonnet, I held in my hand. Feeling like a character from Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, we headed to Philadelphia. It was nowhere close to Halloween, so imagine the stares from fellow drivers.
Once we reached the hotel and entered the Ormandy Ballroom, I was transported into the world of Steampunk. People were dressed in all styles of Victorian clothing some even included futuristic accessories.
“Are we in Oz?” I asked, mesmerized by the beautiful array of Steampunk fashion.
“No granny, relax,” she replied, adding, “They have food and drinks, so let’s find a table.”
We lucked out and found a small table close to the stage. Settled, I watched all the performances scheduled for the assembled crowd. The music, entertainers, fashion show, Steampunk vendors, and the friendliness of the guests, won me over immediately. I was hooked on everything Steampunk.
The man who produces this event every month is Gil Cnaan, and the name of the event is Dorian’s Parlor, which is held at the Doubletree Hotel. The cost is minimal considering the excellent talent, which is on stage every month. Check it out.
I hope to have a chance to interview Gil, soon. So look out for the post. Also there is a site you can check and learn more about the genre from G.D. Falksen.


  1. I so love you have discovered some of my most favourite people on the planet! :)

  2. yay Steampunk!!! I cant wait till I finally have the time to go to Dorian's Parlor!! Great post.

  3. This sounds like such fun, Marie! I may have to looking into it. We need a photo of you in your outfit! ;-)