Saturday, August 30, 2014

Steampunk Granny Begs Your Patience


Battling The Media Beast

Sometimes progress comes with grappling hooks and if you're tech challenged like me, then you realize that something you do on one media...BIG SIGH!!!! messes up another media.

So here is the story. I love posting pictures with my blog posts. People love the pictures that I add to my posts, so I always make sure to take advantage of every photo opportunity when I'm out and about.

This year, my husband got me a smart phone..."You'll need it now that you've published your first book to keep your schedule updated, etc. etc. etc.

We added the Google app and along with the Map Quest app, I also received every freaking picture I had ever posted on Google. No problem, right?



I started deleting some of the pictures from my smart phone Google gallery...I hear those moans out there!


All the photos on my blog have disappeared....gone to Google Heaven or where most of my stuff normally lands, The Russian Space Station. I'm guessing that right about now, the Russian Cosmonauts are saying "What the f**k is that knucklehead doing now?"

I intend to go back and repost my pictures, but it will take some time.

I'm old don't pick on me.

I will work as fast as possible in completing this task. Thank you so much for your patience!!! Love all my little zombie snacks.


  1. Darling Marie, I'm younger and still don't think I'm smart enough for a "smart" phone. I know for sure I'd mess up social media and pictures and oh the headaches. More power to you to work at it. Love you, Dear! Good luck!

    1. It's going to take me forever to replace the pictures, but Victoria, I learned a lesson and I'm enjoying looking at the pictures again. Love you