Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Open Letter to the Vatican and American Bishops


Although I've been raised in the Catholic Church, I'm no longer satisfied in the antiquated teaching principals of the church. You may ask why a woman in her early sixties is now complaining, but this is not a problem that just reared its head...no, it is a problem that was boiling under the surface for many years. The Bishops complain that people aren't coming to church. Allow me to make a few suggestions.

The changes that you would need to make are not catastrophic except for a few. The biggest change would need to be in the music selection. Do the American bishops purposely only allow brain numbing music to be sung in the churches every Sunday? It sure seems that way. Is there some unknown commandment handed down by Moses that says "There shall not be any lively, toe tapping, hand clapping music in God's house."


I doubt that because I've been visiting many Christian churches this past year and the most inspiring part of the service, before the sermon, is the music. Music is what reaches my soul. Not the kind that is played in the Roman Catholic Church and, I'm specifically pointing out the lousy music because if the music doesn't inspire, the rest of the mass is going down hill.

When I visit a non-Catholic church, the congregation is treated to music that is played by young people. These kids are happy; their music is happy; I'm happy listening to the music. I join in on the singing along with everyone else. People sway back and forth to the music and clap their hands and, you know what? GOD is right there enjoying the music with us. His presence is palpable.


The congregation in non-Catholic churches don't recite mindless words by rote, that over time, mean nothing. The pastor talks about the love that GOD has for his people and, the pastor (male and female) talks about everyday life and how we can use the grind of daily living to find GOD everywhere.

I think it's time to get rid of ninety percent of the prayers said at a Catholic Mass. How about we just recite the "Our Father" and, read the words that Jesus said without adding political meanings to them, which leads into one of my biggest gripes with the church.


Don't side with the Republican Party and tell me that the poor are at fault for being poor. Don't tell me that Jesus said women can't use contraceptives in today's overcrowded world. Don't tell me that Jesus said women can't be priests. He had women disciples around him, always. Don't tell me that a person's sexual identity is wrong if they are not heterosexual. Show me where Jesus said this, or shut your mouth.


New Rules!!!Don't preach hell to me after the disgraceful way the church hid the molestation of children by priests. Don't dare! Don't talk about helping the poor when you are closing churches all over America because the bishops are living high and mighty on weekly donations. We don't need big expensive buildings. We can meet in a tent on a field if need be. Don't cry that the young are leaving the faith when you won't come down from your pedestal and teach by example: Feed the poor, care for the sick; comfort the hopeless. I see the Nuns doing this, but not the priests.

You don't want women using contraceptives, but I don't see you giving out free education to these children. I don't see you fighting for universal health care for the people who can't afford to even get needed medicine for their children. I only see you acting like the very Pharisees that Jesus ranted against.


I have become anti-religion in order to protect my relationship with GOD. I will not hate a person because of their sex, race, religion, or political views...but I will shake the dust from my shoes and walk away from any church that does.


If you want the people to return to the church, you need to change. Are you are following  what Jesus taught? If you're only interested in retaining your power over the followers, then you might as well close the doors to all the churches because your heavy yoke has been broken and, the cattle have awoken from the matrix.

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