Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Day Spent at the Fisherman's Wharf


I love visiting my sister Jane, who lives in Napa California. The weather is always perfect: no humidity and at night we sleep with the windows open and covered in blankets. It gets pretty chilly at night.

Jane usually does the wine tour with us and we usually stop at a winery for lunch and to do some testing. I don't use the little spittoons that the wine connoisseurs use. That grosses me out. I drink every drop down. Love the wine tasting, but after the fifth sample, I usually don't remember what the hell I was drinking.


Jane always takes us on the ferry to San Francisco for a day trip. I love the city and would live there if it wasn't so expensive. This year, my daughter and two of my grandsons came out with me. It was a celebration for Joshua's graduation and before he joins the Navy. He had three requests: see Muir Woods, see the Golden Gate Bridge; eat Bubba Shrimp. We did all three and more.


While we were on Pier 39, there was a magic/juggling show about to begin. The boys had their carry out shrimp from Bubba and we decided to sit and watch the show while they ate. I didn't expect the act to be that much fun, but it was. It was a lot of fun because of Daniel Davinci.  This is one talented and funny man. You can check out his site here.


Not only is Daniel Davinci an excellent juggler, he is a great stand-up comic that had the audience laughing their heads off. My grandsons loved him. I was even chosen as part of his act, which was a lot of fun. So if you're ever in San Francisco, make sure you catch this act.

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