Friday, January 20, 2017

A Message of Love to President Obama and President Trump


Thank you for 8 years of service to the American people, President Obama. I'm wishing you the best of everything for you and your beautiful family as you start out on your new journey.
I will ask GOD to guide President Trump in his duties and for GOD's nonjudgmental love for all his children to be a gentle reminder for President Trump that the American people come before all corporations, all churches and all banks.
President Trump may you have only love and compassion for every single person in America. May you do all in your power to stop the hatred that is dividing this country by remembering that you are a servant to the American people and that we will rally around you if you do right for all of us.
When no child goes to bed hungry, when no American is denied medical treatment and when the elderly are not forgotten or treated as disposables. When we are valued as children of the Universe regardless of race, sex, sexual identity, nationality or economic status, America will become a true beacon of Love and Tolerance to the entire world.

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