Monday, February 20, 2012

The Continuing Saga of Lilith's Escape

     Hello dear followers of my blog. I've just posted the third part of the story and I will be adding much more. I have a great idea to include my readers into the ending. When I have reached the end of the tale, I will post three different endings, and you dear readers, will get to choose which one to go with. I'm thinking of a prize to hand out.

     I haven't put aside my stories and adventures with the grandchildren, there is always a steady stream of events to keep me busy writing about them, but I was helping to promote another writer and her book.
The Hungry Heart by Fran Metzman. Check out my blog on her or visit these sites:

The Hungry Heart Stories, Wilderness House Press
Barnes & Noble

     Keep humble, healthy and happy, and everything else will fall in place

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