Friday, January 4, 2013

Episode Forty-nine of Lilith's Escape


“I told you to leave,” Edward repeated.

Tzaddik slowly removed his gaze from Lilith and stared at Edward. “You’re in no position to give orders here,” the old man countered.
Edward walked over to Lilith, who was barely dressed, and purposely blocked Tzaddik’s view. The tension in the room was palpable as the two men stared each other down. “I think it best if you leave, now,” Edward warned Tzaddik.

Just then, Rita entered the room. “I was able to scrounge up tea for his majesty and some bread…? Quick to pick up on the situation, she asked, “What’s going on now?”

“Tzaddik was just leaving, weren’t you? Edward replied, but the man remained where he was.
Honestly, Lilith? Don’t we have enough problems without having these two tomcats acting up?” Rita chided. She placed the tray on the table and said to Tzaddik, “Don’t be a ball breaker. Let him eat.” Grabbing the old man’s hand she pulled him to the door.

But right before he left, Tzaddik turned to Edward and said, “She doesn’t belong to you.”

“Stop teasing him,” Rita said to Tzaddik and pushed him out the door.

Finally alone with Lilith, Edward asked, “Why do this to me? Why flaunt your body for all to see?”
Edward wanted to hold her in his arms, but he was too afraid that the blood lust would return, so instead, he picked up the metal cup and drank the weak tea.

“Men are like children, fighting over what doesn't belong to them,” Lilith replied. Something had changed..she seemed different, cold. Taking a seat on the bed, she said, “Finish the food and then we’ll talk about your new identity.”
“Whatever,” Edward replied. This vixen had a hold on his heart and yet she so causally broke it. When this mission was done, Edward planned to return to his own time, away from Lilith and her drama.

Rita had returned to the room with documents and pictures. “Good you’ve finished, now we’ll bring you up to date on the man you’ll be impersonating.” Rita pulled out a photo of the man that Lilith had killed when they had first arrived. “Luckily you resemble the Captain in height and weight. You’ll only need minor surgery to your face.”
Edward looked at the photo. The captain had the same color eyes and hair as Edward and without the bruises from the beating he had endured at Tzaddik’s hands, could have passed as Edward’s brother. The only work needed was on the nose.
Edward’s was too slender. “Okay, tell me what I need to know,” he asked Rita, ignoring Lilith completely. He was angry…hurt and wanted this mission finished.


  1. These pictures are great for the storyline, Marie. But this story is very scary to me. I've got this thing about people being beat up. However, your blog background is perfect for the story. Good luck with everything.

    1. People getting beat up are scary to me too, but I have to make the story scary so that it's believable. Thank you so much for visiting my site, I always enjoy your input.